Sitting Fee

The studio session fee is €50 and this is payable at the time of your appointment. We allow for an hour for this during which time we take a selection of photographs. 

We also offer a location option which is from €100. 

Studio Session

Your studio session is exclusively for you.  An hour to relax and enjoy the experience.  Your photographer will discuss any ideas you have when you arrive at the Studio.  If you no specific ideas, don't worry, our experience will help you decide.

What should we wear?

There are no rules about what you should wear for your portrait session, but there are some guidelines you may wish to to consider.

For babies and young children book a session for a time that suits them - avoiding nap and meal times. Bring along a favorite toy. Choose clothes without bold patterns or logos that may date your photographs.  Simpler styles make your portraits more timeless.

For a family shoot, it is best to decide whether you would prefer a more formal or casual look.  If indecided, feel free to bring a change of clothes.   Prepare yourself for your portrait session as you would if you were going out. Having your make-up done and your favorite outfit on will all help you to feel more confident and enjoy the session. For colour portraits, it is a good idea to consider how the colours you choose will look hanging on the wall in your home.


At the end of your portrait session, we will arrange your viewing appointment. At your viewing we will go through the final edited selection of photographs from your shoot. We will also be able to introduce you to the selection of frames, canvases and acrylics we have to offer.